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At Burgeon Design and Editorial, I work closely with writers to
help hone their writing skills and create their dream websites.

Website Design and Editing

Dreaming of launching your writing career with the perfect website? Ready to elevate your writing?

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Hey! I’m Tiffany.

I’m a writer, editor, and designer who loves helping out other writers. (I don’t like the term “aspiring writers” much—let’s get rid of it! We’re all writers here). I’m here to help your work bloom and flourish, whether you’re looking to create an author website or seeking a developmental editor to help hone your writing skills.

Originally from Florida, I moved to Portland, Oregon trading the never ending sunshine for… never ending clouds. And I haven’t regretted it one bit.

A few things I love: cats, hiking, backpacking, Harry Potter, Earl Grey tea, and just about every kind of craft.




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